From the most modern technology, a small device is born that supports your moving body.

Taopatch® ha superato i test antidoping: non rilascia nessuna sostanza chimica

Taopatch® è fornitore ufficiale di molte squadre
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It stimulates the body with chosen photons of wavelengths and without the release of any chemicals.

Today also biomedics is miniaturized by producing a miniature device (smaller than a coin) that can be worn 24 hours,extending the effects of the traditional therapy.
 TaoPatch and Fasique are class I CE medical devices. 


In sports:

To improve sport performance
 To refine the athletic gesture
 To improve the movement
 To relieve more quickly after injuries or breaks
 To save energy
 To reduce the risk of falls
 To reduce the pain (if bound to erroneous proprioceptive pattens)
 To help you restore the articular ROM

This technology is not the magic wand of all problems, it is a tool used by professionals to integrate into the patient care plan. To find out if the proprioceptive improvement can help you or someone you are following, you just have to try it. 

With the use of TaoPatch I have improved the physical and posture performaces very quickly. I have seen much of my patient's joint pain reduced by noticing global improvements in their health. TaoPatch are my best "assistants" ever! 

Jaladhi Schneider

I've met TaoPatch about three years ago and have used them since then with great results. I like the nano technology at the base of the system because:
 1- It has a clinically evident result in no time
 2- Does not have side effects or unwanted effects
 3- Has a remarkable postural value and is also instrumentally visible on the stabilometric platform.
 4- It is also inspired by the use of traditional Chinese medicine with balance of subsystems (demonstrably in BioFeedBack)
 Personally I deal with postural balance and TaoPatch (once diagnosed and set up proper therapy) has helped me a lot in maintaining and increasing the obtained results. In addition, almost all patients had benefits over other pathologies that I did not think would have any effect on. It is probably a system that, through rebalancing, allows the body to increase its energy by avoiding unnecessary dispersions, allowing it to resolve some dysfunctions. 

Dr. Pietro Bressan

Medical Doctor, spec. General Surgery, Posturologist, Osteopath, Acupuncturist IT and FR, Master PLN






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8 years of research and development
3 university theses
900 skilled professionals

Scientific studies published (The Journal of Sport Medicine) and in PubMed. Discover them by subscribing to the newsletter!

Used by thousands of athletes, agonists, Serie A teams, and other sports to improve performance ,recovery and rehabilitation.


In motion disorders:

To allow the SNC to better communicate with proprietors.
 To facilitate rehabilitation exercises
 To increase the effect of proprioceptive exercises
 To improve postulate testing
 To reduce the pain associated with these imbalances
 To improve all movements 24h to 24


Dr. Lo Re Francesco

Osteopathic and
Taopatch Applicator

Thanks to this innovative technology as athletic and osteopathic trainer I can get the performance of my athletes and patients more efficient. When Taopatch's custom protocols undergo a traumatic breakdown into a proprioceptive exercise program to "refine" the reflexes and get a better body control,subtracting the body and the anatomical part that you want to re-educate to refine athletic gestures that are incorrect and prevent injuries. When trauma occurs, physical injuries can occur, but the body can lose and / or decrease its ability to properly evaluate information coming from outside and receptors send lower quality sensations to the central nervous system. Restoring this ability with the Taopatch help or Fasique, speeds up and completes the overall restoration of limb functionality and continues to avoid relapse. Thanks to this wonderful technology as a professional, I can restore and develop more propriocity, to give to the body more and more efficient performance. 



If you are interested in this product sales: we are looking for business partners who are able to expand our technology overseas. If you are interested contact us. Our team speaks English, French and Japanese to give you all the information you need. 

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